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FRAME is a multi-brand concept store, and our mission is to inspire and reimagine the traditional retail shopping experience. FRAME continues to solidify this mission in the region by pushing it further. Introducing a new space that curates the known established brands.

The space of the concept store has grown exponentially, with the renovation by Japanese architect and designer Jo Nagasaka in 2022.


Date Opened: 2017
Location: Dubai Design District, Building 7

FRAME was started in 2017 by Peter Ahn, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, located in D3 (Dubai Design District). Peter founded the store to bring together what he loves in one single frame.


Some of the most coveted brands around the world, ranging from Japanese high-end to contemporary streetwear labels like COMME des GARÇONS, Undercover and collectable art, such as Be@rBrick - all carefully curated with the vision of cultivating a new elevated lifestyle culture in the region.


FRAME is also inspired by contributing to the ever growing culture of Dubai’s skateboarding community, helping push the scene by hosting events and participating in local skate gatherings. Over the years, FRAME has collaborated with established brands such as NIKE SB, Brain Dead and many more.


Specialty coffee and specialty tea is about the appreciation of complex flavor profiles in the final cup. FRAME is a specialty café that shares the complexities of some of the finest teas and coffees through the understanding of source profile, focusing on the extraction, and perfecting the brewing process. Sourcing premium coffee from La Cabra Coffee Roasters and premium tea from Companion Tea & Coffee and Ippodo Tea Co., FRAME aspires to inspire your sensory experience of flavors and aromas.

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Meaning ‘only one’ in Japanese, YUI was the only dedicated Japanese ramen house in the region when they first opened their doors in 2018. Their noodles are made in-house and their ingredients are sourced locally. Check out YUI to discover the deep flavors of Japanese cuisine and set out on an exciting culinary journey.


Restaurant timings: 12PM to 11PM


Dubai Design District, R03, G-Floor,
Building 7