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La Cabra

Guatemala Geisha / La Colina

Guatemala Geisha / La Colina

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Antonio Medina's washed Geisha from La Colina unfolds intricate white florals, leading to a velvety cup echoing sweet lemon curd. Located near San Martin Jilotepeque, just an hour and a half from Guatemala City, this lot reflects Tony's seasoned expertise. The Geisha cherries undergo meticulous processing—depulping and a 32-hour fermentation, characteristic of Guatemala's high altitudes. Resulting in a nuanced cup, discover profound jasmine and magnolia florals, coupled with a soft profile evoking lemon balm and a poached fruit sweetness. Antonio's mastery shines through each sip.This washed Geisha by Antonio Medina showcases complex white florals, before a soft cup reminiscent of sweet lemon curd. 

  • Process: Washed
  • Roasters: La Cabra
  • Roasting Type:  Filter
  • Origin: Chimaltenango, Guatemala
  • Variety: Geisha
  • Quantity: 100gm



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