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La Cabra

Oma Mossto Anaerobic

Oma Mossto Anaerobic

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A wild expression of Gesha 1931 grown on the Oma plot of Gesha Village; processed using an innovative ‘Mossto Anaerobic’ pre-fermentation. 

The fermentation is rather long, at 80 hours, with the tanks turned often to distribute the juice and coffee and make sure of an even fermentation. The coffee is then dried as a honey with mucilage still attached, using a similar method to many of Gesha Village’s coffees. The coffee is laid on African raised beds, initially in thin layers for the first three days, before moving to shade drying. This quick initial drying aims to minimise fermentation on the beds, before completing the process more gradually minimises damage to the coffee’s cell structure, which is vital to keeping it tasting fresher and brighter for longer.

This careful and innovative process leads to a wild expression, with softened violet florals, and notes of rich and ripe tropical fruits in the cup.

  • Process: Mossto Anaerobic
  • Roasters: La Cabra
  • Roasting Type:  Filter
  • Origin: Bench Maji, Ethiopia
  • Variety:  Gesha 1931
  • Quantity: 100gm



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