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La Cabra

Oma Natural

Oma Natural

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A delicately floral Gesha 1931 grown on the Oma plot of Gesha Village; the careful natural process enhances sweet notes of stone fruit. 

The coffee was dried in very thin layers for the first few days, in order to quickly reduce the moisture content so that almost no fermentation occurs on the beds. The layers are then slowly built up and the coffee is moved to dry under shade from day 10 onwards, slowing the overall drying time. This reduces the chance of damage to the coffee’s cell structure, meaning the coffee tastes its best for much longer after harvest, and is also one of the reasons why such a clean cup is maintained.

This incredible raw material, grown in its native wild forest, combined with careful processing, creates an intense yet clean and delicate flavour experience. Clear jasmine aromatics are followed by stone fruit in the cup, with a deep sugary sweetness tied up by a black tea finish.

  • Process: Natural
  • Roasters: La Cabra
  • Roasting Type:  Filter
  • Origin: Bench Maji, Ethiopia
  • Variety:  Gesha 1931
  • Quantity: 100gm



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